How to fight depression - 7 steps to help you on your way

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If you are reading this, the chances are that either you or someone you care about is suffering from some level of depression. The first thing to note is that you are not alone! Millions of people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries are fighting with the very same feelings every day. The next thing…

How important is fitness for a healthy mind?

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Today, with an astounding number of people living with mental health every day, it is impossible to ignore the importance of fitness and well-being. Everything fitness related starts with a healthy mindset (healthy body, healthy mind!). Whether it’s about reducing stress, enhancing your mind or to improve overall happiness, being active matters and there are…

Together we are stronger!

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We all need a helping hand or some direction from time to time but we also all know that the ultimate decision is down to us. At The Circle we provide advice and plenty of opportunities for you to make the right choices. Growth always comes from within and being part of a team will…

Healthy Food, Freshly Prepared!

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We prepare fresh food using locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality for your health and enjoyment. we also have specialty teas, freshly made coffee and a variety of pre and post workout shakes.

Get up and Boogie!

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Health is a full time job! You have to be on it all the time from what you think to what you do and of course what you eat and drink. What we think produces hormones which control our lives, good thought produce happy health giving hormones and also switch on our immune system. Bad…

Always improving - never standing still!

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Here at The Circle we are always looking at ways of improving ourselves and our facilities. We’ve now added new acoustic tiles to studio 1 to improve the quality of the sound and make your classes even more enjoyable. Click here for our full timetable. Don’t forget to check back regularly, we’re adding more classes…

We had a visitor!

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We were very pleased to welcome Mayor Lynda Hyde to The Circle last week and were delighted to show her the great progress we are making! It was a pleasure to introduce her to our Circle nutritionists and therapists along with Circle Coaches and of course the Circle Studio team. We look forward to welcoming her back…

We're making progress!!

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We are making great progress with our theatre stage, sound desk, bar and viewing gallery. This is also where we’ll be holding our food demonstrations and nutrition classes. The venue will be available for hire for various theatre and music shows and we just can’t wait for our first live performance. We’ve purchased lots of sound and lighting…

The Circle is taking shape!

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Our spacious reception area is now fully finished and we have also finished our 5 air conditioned studios. Studio 1 is a large 2.200 sq ft dance and fitness studio with a raised instructors platform and super light & sound equipment Studio 2 is the Spin Room with 40 bikes sitting under a huge disco…

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