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How to fight depression - 7 steps to help you on your way

If you are reading this, the chances are that either you or someone you care about is suffering from some level of depression. The first thing to note is that you are not alone! Millions of people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries are fighting with the very same feelings every day.

The next thing is to accept that you can go a long way in helping yourself by adopting a few changes to your routine. Here are a few pointers to help you along the way:

  • We are who we think we are! Change your mind about who you think you are!
    • Our self-image is a really important factor in how we feel. We see everything through our own perception and belief system and often reality is not as bad as the picture that we perceive in our minds (even though it may seem it sometimes!). Take some time to think about this and ways in which you could change your mind to perceive the events around you clearer.
  • Make a plan!
    • Just the act of making a plan makes feeling better significantly more obtainable.
    • Plan your day (or week even) and you could use a diary to do this with ease.
    • We all need to know that we are working towards an ultimate outcome so make a decision about what you want to achieve and then make a plan of how to achieve it.

  • Set yourself goals!
    • When you’re feeling depressed, it is common to lose interest in things that otherwise would have motivated you.
    • People suffering from depression often have low self-efficacy which affects their confidence making even small challenges feel enormous.
    • Making a plan is essential but you must also break it down into bite size goals and set some time lines for each step.
    • You should recognize your courage for stepping out of your comfort zone. This will aid in helping you feel good about yourself!
  • Change your habits which will change you!
    • Start changing your habits. Make a point of doing new things, change the chair you normally sit in or walk to work instead of driving if possible. Try to see your friends more or start a new hobby but whatever you do, be sure to change some of your old routines. If you find you’re able to do something (even something slightly different) congratulate yourself!
  • Change your diet!
    • Ever heard of the saying ‘eat good, feel good’. Put this saying into action. It really does work!
    • Losing weight directly affects our level of self-esteem and confidence and will make a huge contribution to how we feel.
    • Start with making small changes, cut out sugar as much as possible. Sugar is a definite no no for depression relief.
  • Exercise regularly.
    • There is already a lot of publicity about this subject so you are probably already aware that when we exercise chemicals called endorphins are released which then interact with the receptors in our brain to reduce pain and create a positive, happy feeling. The benefits of exercise will continue long afterwards and will help the production of additional hormones including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Maybe try yoga and meditation and have some “me” time every day. Yoga can act as a therapy for depression, as it can alleviate some of the horrible side-affects such as difficulty concentrating, stress and anxiety.
  • Seek support or ask for help.
    • For many seeking help may seem scary and unapproachable but there are many forms of help available. Here at The Circle we offer a range of helpful solutions to get you started!