Welcome to the New You!

The Circle is a unique multi-discipline Health & Well Being centre on the Portslade sea front delivering everything that you need for total fitness of your mind and body.

It incorporates fitness studios, gym, complementary therapies, food and nutrition, osteopathy and a variety of holistic treatments including massage, acupuncture, ayurvedic consultation and diets and mindfulness.

After all, we are what we think, do and eat!

Mind Body Nutrition


“Everything starts with a thought”

We all have thoughts and beliefs, conscious and subconscious; – some are more deeply ingrained than others, however, they all produce the cocktail of hormones to which we are addicted. The resulting hormones strongly influence how your body behaves; the trick to creating real change is to learn how to change your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and resultant habits. It is certainly not easy but it certainly is possible when you know how!

You may think that you have free will to do as you wish? Your “will”, however, is always subject to your subconscious thoughts and beliefs; therefore, whilst you may feel that you are making conscious free choices, it is mostly your sub-conscious that is running your life.

Think of tasting a lemon…does your mouth start filling with saliva? Of course, it does!

This is because your thoughts are creating signals in a part of your brain which then travels down to your salivary glands which produce the effect that you feel in your mouth.

Everything in life starts with a thought, and if you change your mind you will be able to change your life and achieve more of the things that you want.

Body = You are what you do


“Creating happy minds through healthy bodies”

We will offer a broad range of fitness classes in the club’s spacious sea-view studios. We aim to be a catalyst to a healthy and enriched lifestyle. We have five fitness studios offering spinning, yoga, dance and a range of group exercise activities as part of a well-established fitness group.

The Underground gym caters for all levels of fitness and ability. You will be able to work out under your own steam or with the help of a personal trainer, knowledgeable in aspects of mind and motivation, as well as in physical fitness.

We are all athletes! We just need a bit of guidance.

Body = You are what you do
Nutrition - You are what you eat


“Food and Drink created by our nutritionists and Michelin Star chef”

We provide a healthy nutrition-led menu in Portside Cafe, utilising our purpose built, modern kitchen and using Ayurvedic and other healthy options to compliment our mind and body healthy regimes.

We also hold regular education and training courses in cooking and nutrition on our large theatre screen, also based on-site, which form the core of members’ broader health and wellbeing goals.

  • Coffee bar and Cafe (stocking a variety of herbal teas)
  • Cooking classes hosted by nutritionists (including Ayurvedic)
  • Talks and Workshops on all aspects of healthy living, mind and body

Come and visit us and see what you think of our space.