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Our Ethos is exactly what it says on the box! We believe that we are what we think, do and eat. So we strive to help our members and the community to understand the profound relationship between our mind body and nutrition.


At The Circle we pay due care and attention to this relationship and recognise that there are specific sequential steps that must be followed in the right order to achieve the desired result.


The Circle Ethos

We can help you grow

Get it Back Courses at The Circle Brighton - Fitness Studios


The Circle community is designed to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals. We understand that happiness provides the basis for health, we understand that life can bring challenges that sometimes take us off track and we understand what it takes to motivate ourselves to Get it Back. So, we have developed the space, the team and the programmes to help you do just that….GET IT BACK

The Circle Studios - Portslade - Fitness Classes

We host a wide variety of therapists in our 4 purpose built treatment rooms. Our team of experienced therapists will work together to help you achieve your health target and to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Out treatments include :

– Homeopathy
– Massage
– Meditation
– Nutritional Therapy
– Osteopathy
– Pilates
– Physiotherapy
– Yoga

We offer a broad range of fitness classes in the club’s spacious seafront studios.We aim to be a catalyst to a healthy and enriched lifestyle. We have fitness studios offering over 120 classes a week including spin, yoga, dance, Les Mills classes and a range of group exercise.

Please go here to see our full range of classes.


The Circle Wellbeing

“Giving you the freedom to live a balanced life”

The Circle Arts Centre- Up and coming venue in Portslade for all your events needs and occasions

The Circle Community

There are some basic needs that are hard wired into our old mammalian brain and are virtually impossible to negotiate with and one of the most “needy” of these is our craving for “belonging” or to be accepted as a member of a community or group.


The group can be anything from a football team to a political party or a satisfying working environment.

It dates back to when early man found safety in numbers, looking out for predators and taking comfort from the safety provided as part of a larger group.

However, not all groups are necessarily welcoming or actually are designed to fulfil the primary reason why many actually join up!

At The Circle our Community Programme is primarily about inclusion, belonging, sharing and helping each other! What we actually do is secondary to our primary objective of getting to know each other.

Infact we have created a Facebook page for members of The Circle to chat and get to know each other, look for a class buddy, share a post-class coffee or maybe just arrange for a car share.

Together we can build our Circle family! Click here to check it out.


The Circle Events - Lucury Prestige 520 Yacht

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