We need your support in 2020

The Circle has helped hundreds of vulnerable people escape the most challenging circumstances. We provide supported living accommodation for vulnerable people, those most in need of safe, inclusive space to help get their lives back on track.

The Circle’s Supported Living Programme now accepts donations from individuals and companies. You can help today by contributing £10 each month. This will help ensure that our Supported Living Programme can continue to assist some of the most vulnerable in our society throughout 2020. 

Your donation will make a real difference to those who have little or nothing to rely on, other than the generosity of others. It will help us:

  • Provide supported living accommodation for the most vulnerable
  • Offer daily exercise and mindfulness programmes to help build physical and psychological resilience
  • Give our guests access to our nutritionist-led kitchen
  • Offer consultations with our in-house Ayurvedic doctor
  • Provide one-to-one counselling for those in need
  • Provide in-house “Life Skills” tuition
  • Support our residents in finding employment and move on to full independence.

After a decade of austerity, Social Services are struggling to cope, even as demand for those services increases. This is why the Circle’s Supported Living programme plays an essential role in the local community.

Please make a donation today to make a profound difference to those most in need of help.

How to Help

Your donation will help ensure that our unique holistic support programme can continue. You can choose to make a one-off or monthly donation, with or without Gift Aid, of £10 or more.

Warm, safe, inclusive accommodation

We have 17 freshly-decorated, furnished rooms at our base in Portslade. Each is secure, well-lit, centrally-heated and comes with its own en suite bathroom and shower.

Residents benefit from our on-site holistic health and exercise facilities – including a world-class Ayurvedic doctor. They’re also invited to participate in exercise and mindfulness lessons, with healthy food provided by our own nutritionist-led kitchen.

We take care to prepare residents for life beyond The Circle through workshops on how to get back into employment, develop new skills and regain their independence.

The Circle Supported Living programme was founded by Fash Ghiaci in 2012. It was particularly effective for those who had very recently become homeless and worked closely with the local authority’s Rough Sleepers and No Second Night Out teams. Pregnant women in need of a safe haven while waiting to be housed also formed a proportion of the centre’s residents.

The Circle

The spirit of The Circle is very much about inclusion and unity, without being pushy or demanding which led to positive outcomes working with people with social anxiety. The project provided accommodation to extremely vulnerable people and has helped many take positive steps towards social inclusion. The Supported Living Programme founded by Fash Ghiaci was moved to premises located on the Portslade seafront in 2016.

System in Crisis

The social support system is in crisis and needs a complete overhaul if we are to have any chance of getting back to a cohesive and socially inclusive community.

Health and Wellbeing

More recently Fash turned an old factory into a large health and wellbeing centre with a gym, exercise studios, community centre, nutritionist based café and restaurant, performance areas as well as the usual rooms for acupuncture, massage, meditation, cognitive behaviour therapy, etc.


He is a perfect example of someone using his resources (i.e. his time and some of his wealth) to help improve the well-being of people in the area.