We are active troop animals and to be healthy and happy we need to:

  • Be in a calm, happy place in our heads by:
    • Being a part of a group of friends, colleagues, team, band, social event etc.
    • Have specific times of calming our busy minds to counteract our modern lifestyle
    • Have a focus or goal, something to aim for or work towards
  • Have daily movement – exercise, walk, etc.
  • Have a clean and healthy diet

Get it Back offers all of the above! Our Classes and social gatherings are designed to tick every box. Our kitchen supports the programme and offers meals and snacks specifically designed to compliment your specific goals.

Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, a health scare, an emotional episode or simply wishing to slow down the ageing process, we have designed a complete programme to help you get back your energy, flexibility, mobility and zest for life. Simply put we are here to help you get back your Mojo!

Once you sign up as a member of our Get it Back community, we direct you to the classes most suited to your needs. This may involve a consultation with our resident Osteopath, Homeopath or Ayurvedic Doctor and include some recommended treatments in addition to the classes.