Primal Move 

A fusion of primal and mobility moves incorporating core strength, balance and stretching. This class is particularly suitable for those either new to fitness or recovering/returning from an injury. It will help build the foundations for optimal movement and flexibility. 

Knee Rescue  

An ideal class to ensure knee health is healthily maintained. A combination of weight bearing and strength exercises will help to build cartilage and encourage mobility. Learning stress reduction strategies together with relaxation techniques will also help with knee pain relief. 

Core and Back 

Walk taller, feel stronger! This class is designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture by performing a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles and increase flexibility. 

Gentle Yoga 

The class ends with deep relaxation. This gentle Hatha inspired class is a mindful and meditative approach to opening the body with softness. It is a practice with a focus on the basics of alignment and the evolution of strength and balance. The class will emphasize breath, relaxation, balance, strength and stretch.

Functional Mobility  

This class will be geared towards strength and flexibility in order to build a strong, supple body. The exercises will train your body to support your muscles and joints perform everyday activities and other sporting activities safely. 


Focusing on the process of quieting the mind in order to spend time in thought for relaxation or spiritual purposes. The goal is to attain an inner state of awareness and intensify personal and spiritual growth. In practice, meditation involves a concentrated focus on something such as a sound, image or feeling. 


An accessible and social activity ideal for building or regaining fitness. Walking can help manage weight, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and also certain cancers. It can improve the flexibility and strength of joints muscles and bones and the reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It can also boost the immune system together with putting a big smile on your face! 

Geat it back Immerse 

A multi-sensory all-enveloping experience with some famous hologram images to stimulate light colour and sound. An ideal and innovative way to focus on key areas such as breathing, tempo and energy slumps.